Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

This week is the perfect time to work with children and grandkids about what they remember and like best about Thanksgiving. One family custom we enjoy is to go around the dinner table and have everyone tell what they are most grateful for this year. Even young children catch on quickly to the idea.

Preserving Thanksgiving stories is easy with the use of my simple Keepsake for Kids ebook, which is available at no cost on my website, in the Products tab. Kids can write their own responses to the prompts or work with an adult. Then they can either draw something about what they remember or attach a photograph.

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squarepegperson said...

FANtastic idea - we're doing that this Thanksgiving!! Beth, i love how you share ideas that are easy to implement - things that make me say "why didn't I think of that!"- but the thing is, I didn't - and wouldn' glad you DO and are willing to share!!!

p.s. LOVE the picture - you look like someone who'd be playful - maybe spit a straw wrapper across the room...grin