Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grandkids and Falling Leaves

I love the colors of Fall. Last week before the rains started, I selected a nice sampling of leaves from pale gold to bright yellow, soft pink to bright red and variegated hues to a deep burgundy. I carefully pressed them flat for a few days, then divided them between two envelopes for my grandkids some 800 miles away.

I enclosed a short personal note for each of them and sent the leaves on their way. I was really tickled a few days later when my son called so the kids could sing me Happy Birthday and chat about the leaves they had just gotten.

I reminded my son about how we used to lay a leaf upside-down onto a piece of paper, cover it with another piece and then rub crayons over the leaf to trace the raised veins for a simple little art masterpiece. He had forgotten about doing that, but he was glad to have a new rainy-day activity for young kids.

I miss seeing my grandkids as often as I'd like, but I enjoy sending them little surprises that we can talk about on our calls. Now that truly makes my day!


Patricia said...

Wonderful Beth. The trees here are brillant colors of red, orange gold and yellow. You story brings back the cozy nestalgia for the Fall and family.
Thank you.

Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

That's great to hear. I always hope my stories will help remind people to stop & smell the roses. Or in this case, stop and appreciate the Fall foliage.

Barbara Sher said...

Lovely. And wise. I have to ask grandson in Greece if they have autumn leaves.