Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Guide to Writing Family Stories

Getting started is the hardest part of any project, but especially when writing our own family stories. You might like to look at a sneak peek of a book I am writing to help kids (and adults) write stories. It's FREE on my website at and called Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories for Kids from 8 to 98. I'd love to know if you find it helpful.

One idea to recall memories is to talk with someone, like your sister, about some favorite event from your life. Then you can write a few lines or a page about what happened, what you felt, what you think now, etc. If you have a tape recorder to use, that makes it even easier to capture a story.

Good luck on starting your stories and remember to have fun doing it!


Rosy said...
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Rosy said...

Thank you for your advice at how to get started.

Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...


Yes, that can be an excellent way to discover what her early life was like. You might try asking her a few questions about that particular period. For example, if she thinks you are her best friend, you could ask her what games she likes to play, like jumping rope, hopscotch, checkers, or other old games. Or ask her how she met your Father, where she lives, or about school.

Sometimes it helps to show them old photographs and ask about the dress she is wearing or who else is in the picture. Another idea is to show her an old object, like a statue or trinket that is important to her, then ask questions about where it came from. However, she may not be able to respond to specific questions like these, but then she might. I hope this helps.