Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introduction to New Granny Book

Why kids need to write their stories

I decided to write Granny's Guide to FUN & FABULOUS Family Stories so that other people could learn from the mistakes I have made repeatedly in my life. I spent considerable time with my maternal grandparents while I was growing up and again later as a young adult. My regret is that I never asked them the questions that really mattered. I have the same regrets regarding my parents and although it may be too late for me, it is not for you!

If I can help a single person understand the importance of recording their personal or family stories, or those of their ancestors and loved ones, then my omissions will not have been in vain. Even better, if I can make the process of gathering those stories both fun and painless, then that is icing on the cake.

In a relatively short period, I have seen the incredible impact this process can have on children. Best of all, they actually have a chance to get to know their family members, especially the elderly ones. Instead of thinking of their elders as just “old people,” children will have a chance to relate to them.

Everyone has an interesting story to share. Anyone can write their own stories when given a little guidance and help. Some people may not have family members around, but they may have close friends with whom they have spent wonderful times together. All of these stories are important to record and to share with other people.

As a grandmother myself, my goal is to make that process fun and fabulous!

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