Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout & Baloney

This year's election campaign is really starting to irritate me. I generally don't get too involved in politics & am still undecided on how to vote. Earlier this week, I got so fed up with both Barack Obama & John McCain continuing with their campaigns instead of helping to resolve the bailout issue. After all, they are still US Senators and one of them will have to live with whatever deal is implemented. Hmmm, actually, we will ALL have to live with it.

The economy seems to be the most critical issue this year, so my hopes were raised when McCain said he was going to put his campaign on hold & go to Washington to work on the financial crisis. Good for him! Obama still wants to debate instead of helping, but who is right?

So now both candidates have been to Washington and still nothing has been resolved. Too bad. There has to be a way to get all the politicians to work together for a change - I hope!


Eileen Fay said...

Yes, Beth, you are right - there must be some way to get politicians to work together. Must we hold a gun to their heads to get these guys and gals to "play nice?" I don't know. I do call my congressperson and Senators regularly and express my opinions, but that does not seem to be enough. I hope that everyone reading your column will make some noise - i.e., write letters to editor, call representatives, protest at gatherings - whatever it takes to show that we DO care what the government is up to. We may not have millions in donations for our reps, but if we citizens work together for our particular candidates and make sure they know just WHAT we want from them, maybe, just maybe we'll get some useful response. We can but hope! Thanks for your useful commentary.

Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

Thanks for the reply.

The best I have figured out to do is to call & write my representatives in Washington & my home state. Whenever I see they will be in my area, I make a point to attend & voice my opinions.

Also, I use newspapers & websites to check on how (or IF!) they have voted on important issues. Obama is from my home state & his record has not been very helpful to us peons.