Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Free Resources

A fellow member of APH (Association of Personal Historians), Dan Curtis, had a fabulous blog yesterday that has a wealth of free resources for Personal Historians and writers in general. See

Dan did a great job of pulling together this list and then graciously sharing it with his readers and associates. It's always a treat to discover websites that are new and useful. I plan to use #24 on my next article: "Wordcounter – ranks the most frequently used words in any given body of text. Use this to see what words you overuse." No more excuses now for being redundant.

Isn't that a cool idea?


Dan said...

Beth, many thanks for including a reference to my blog and post on free resources. I hope your readers will find it useful.

Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

Dan, I have already gotten feedback from some of my writer friends and they were glad to find so many useful sites as well. Thanks again for your insight.