Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gorilla Love – a Perfect Christmas Gift

Today we have a guest post by Robin Huffman, animal-lover extraordinaire! She is living her lifelong dream to work closely as a volunteer with exotic wildlife. Currently, she is on her way from Dakar to Johannesburg, South Africa, to volunteer for four months at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. Her website with amazing artwork and photos is listed at the end of this post. - Beth

Kudos to Robin for all the excellent work she does for animals!

TWO baby gorillas have just arrived at Ape Action Africa in Cameroon, Africa! That is so rare, because there aren't many gorillas left in the wild, and because they are so fragile that they rarely survive without their mothers. But Ape Action Africa is specialized in saving these innocent orphans. Also, three baby chimps have come in this year. It costs a lot to keep the babes in milk and the 24/7 care they require! And as I've probably told you, the sanctuary lost their director & major funder, Avi Sivan, less than one year ago in a helicopter crash. The sanctuary has just sent out a special plea for financial help.

During the week of December 5 - 11, donations to the charity through Big Give will be matched. What a great Christmas gift to give someone - a gift of philanthropy! AND knowing that you are helping save these magnificent gentle creatures! I promise it will feel GREAT!!!! I will forward the link and more info as soon as I get it.

If you CAN'T WAIT and want to give NOW, you can do so through the website: Ape Action Adopt
....OR plan on making your contribution the week of Dec. 5 - 11 so it can be doubled.

Spread the word - Either way: PHILANTHROPOMANIA ROCKS!

Here's a link to the story of the two gorillas, Luci and Chickaboo: Gorilla News Story

Robin Huffman

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