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Have you left a legacy for your family? An Ethical Will is a love letter to the family that passes on personal stories, values, beliefs, blessings and advice from one generation to another. The perfect time to write one is before or after any milestone events, such as a birth, adoption, marriage, achievement, or part of estate planning as we mature.

Join us for a retreat at The Center in Palos Park, IL. (See details below, from p.7 of their newsletter.)

It's from 5 PM Friday night to 5 PM Saturday, Feb 18 and 19th. With our guidance and direction, the retreat participants will write their Ethical Will and leave with a beautiful archival document they will love.

I'm excited about presenting this retreat with Eileen Kerlin Walsh. It falls in very nicely with workshops I've done on Personal Values, which is one important part of an Ethical Will. As an additional incentive, I'll offer a free copy of my book, Granny's Guide to Fun & Fabulous Family Stories, for those of you who join us for the retreat. Just send me an email message ( after you register at and I'll bring your copy with me.

Feel free to forward this message to any friends and contact me with any questions or suggestions. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Writing a legacy of your values

Friday, Feb. 18, 5 p.m. – Saturday, Feb. 19, 5 p.m.

Retreat leaders: Eileen Kerlin Walsh, Beth LaMie and Lois Lauer

You are invited to reflect upon your life's journey, and write your own personal Ethical Will, which is "a personal legacy that transmits your non-material assets, your values, your story, the lessons life has taught you, the information that is too valuable to risk being lost." Using this wonderful description by author Susan Turnbull, Eileen and Beth will help you to write meaningful ethical wills--to your children, to yourself, perhaps to the world.

The weekend will include time for reflection and writing, time for inspiring guidance, time for walks in the woods, and of course, time for fellowship, fun, and relaxa-tion. Eileen Kerlin Walsh is a personal growth seminar leader, inspirational speaker, and practicing estate lawyer. Beth LaMie is an international speaker, author, and personal historian. Cost per participant is $116 which includes leadership, accommodations, meals, and all major supplies. Early registration is advised!

The Center
The Chicago Southwest Suburban Community Parish and Community Center Foundation
12700 Southwest Highway, Palos Park, IL 60464

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