Friday, June 26, 2009

Change and Eternal Love

My In-laws are amazing people. They are both 90 years old and she is older by four days, so he has always teased her about being an "older woman." They have been married for 71 years this summer and lived in the same house for some 65 years until they moved into a lovely senior housing facility about 6 months ago.

Just yesterday, they made another momentous change in their lives. Mom had to be placed in an Alzheimer's unit because she needs specialized care. I'm sure Dad dreaded making the decision to be separated from his soul-mate, but fortunately, the units are on the same property so he can go see her every day.

In this world of instant gratification and jumping from one relationship to another, it is wonderful to see a love that has endured for almost a century. Even as their minds and bodies have slowly but surely started to disappoint them, there has never been any doubt that they are still in love.

They are models for married life. It would be lovely if we could learn the secret of their success.

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