Monday, February 16, 2009

How Well Do Your Children Know Their Grandparents?

In today's society with our families scattered across the country, it is becoming much more difficult to keep in touch with our grown children and young grandchildren.

Most kids don't know much about their grandparent's early life. In fact, they most likely think of their grandparents as "old people," not as "real people."

One way to correct this situation as grandparents is tell them details about our own growing up. Talk about the games you used to play, such as checkers, cribbage and dominoes. Better yet, teach the kids how to play with you. What a great opportunity to spend quality time together and establish a true relationship with them.

I have already started teaching dominoes to my grandkids at 3 and 5 years old. Each time we get together, I plan to show them simple games that I always enjoyed. And no batteries needed!

Obviously, the age of the children and the frequency of your time with them will make a tremendous difference. But how much better to play interactive games with them than to plunk them down in front of a video game.

A delightful blog that I follow deals specifically with generations in different locations and how to use technology to bridge the distance. I recommend it highly to all grandparents. It is called

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