Friday, August 8, 2008

Stories for FUN - One Bite at a Time - Part 2

• Make it juicy – grab your reader

Use juicy(!) words to make the story come alive! Describe things in detail to make them more interesting. Make your story pop for your readers. Think about the difference between a dull sentence and a juicy sentence. Which would you rather read?

Snappy Snippets:
Dull: It rained hard today with lightning.
Juicy: We had an enormous thunderstorm today with bright jagged streaks of lightning.

Dull: My neighbor is an old man.
Juicy: My old white-haired neighbor has a wrinkled, sunburned face.

Dull: My favorite pet is my dog Spot. He makes me laugh.
Juicy: My favorite dog Spot makes me laugh. He licks my face all over with his cold wet tongue.

Dull: I like pizza.
Juicy: Pepperoni pizza is delicious when the cheese is all warm and gooey.

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